Repository of the Undercommons (RotU) comes from many places, pleasures + pains. thoughts (un)spoken, whispers, theories + shouts of joy/rage. It comes from all of us + us all. from our repositories.

we acknowledge + give thanks to those who think + live in the in-between – (re)creating ways of being, + also to Stefano Harney + Fred Moten’s, The Undercommons: Fugitive Planning and Black Study, where RotU draws its name from. 

since the covid-19 crisis took hold, RotU are pursuing (en)countering crisis + re:making futures; a collective/community orientated programme designed to put people into contact with art, creating + making, alongside the practice of liberation + building practical solidarity with today’s struggles.

RotU + (en)countering crisis + re:making futures is led in collaboration with curator + writer, layla-roxanne hill + nosheen khwaja, chris manson, fadzai mwakutuya, nalini paul, jamie temple + verbena blue collective as the current cohort of artists.

each of these artists approach their craft in a different way, however, the thread that runs throughout their work is an exploration of issues related to the particularities of economic growth dependent/dominant societies, extraction, imperialism, climate change, capitalism + the impact this has on our relationships with nature + each other.

whilst in residency, artists are encouraged to dismantle invisible + imagined borders/boundaries + undertake an exploration of their practice which is freeing, provocative + centres collective liberation. artists are encouraged to think about the ways in which their practice may contribute to harm, be that through use of materials – where these are purchased from + at what cost, or through research practice – who is included/excluded?

what ways can art be made/done/consumed if it must?