Chris Manson is an independent illustrator and comic creator based in Glasgow, Scotland.

Born in Hong Kong to a mixed Chinese-Scottish family, Chris trained as an Electrical Engineer working in the Power Transmission sector, and has been creating speculative fiction comics that explore themes of identity, belonging, and creativity since 2009. He has also produced work for independent news media, charities, and community arts organisations involving subjects as wide-reaching as climate change awareness, civil liberties, and refugee experiences.


RotU Exhibition:

Chris’ exhibition piece for Repository of the Undercommons is titled “Red Threads of Fate”, a reference to an old Sinosphere legend that fated lovers are bound to each other by an invisible, unbreakable red thread. The piece is planned to be an installation, with informational cards based on research conducted in academic papers and journals suspended between bamboo poles by red strings, forming an intricate web that lays bare the fact that climate change is not caused by a few simple systems, but is instead driven by numerous complex interactions that feed upon themselves, and that our actions are capable of causing consequences across the globe that ripple back to make our own lives more difficult. Most importantly, the exhibit seeks to highlight the fact that because of the nature of the feedback loops in the system, we are more than capable as a society of controlling and mitigating our impact.

The overall concept of the installation has changed relatively little since its inception, but the scope has been adapted to cater for a smaller, more intimate experience due to COVID restrictions and the planned available space.