Nosheen is an artist, designer, tech and filmmaker given enough time. She’s worked in many disciplines over the years but gravitates towards installations, large textile sculptures, film and sound.

Critically, her art emerges both from a need to survive and from a deep love of the world, and all that call it home, often returning to exploring sex, magic and nature. To what it means for all of us to live in our physical forms. The themes that run throughout her work are of the connections between power, control, seduction and the body. The brown female body within the cultural and physical landscape, of disruption and creating alternate lives that are connected and sensuous.

Nosheen is passionate about art and knowledge being accessible and interactive… for the divide between ‘art’ and viewer to dissolve and for the experience to be direct and tactile, fully involving the senses.

She co-founded the film training course Digital Desperados, is artistic director of GLITCH Film Festival and a member of POC2 – the programmers of colour collective. Over the last 20 years Nosheen has curated screenings, shown artwork and performed in Copenhagen, Hamburg, Berlin, Amsterdam, Montreal, New York and the UK.

She is currently also working on an experimental short on desire and the hidden places in the body.



Invocations II

Invocations for Love and Loss (2021)  I trace my fingers across your chest hair, skin, fur, feathers, scales, bark, petals, stamens, wetness and warmth, and remember.

A film loop lying within a dark well of protectice circles – both aspects of which (the physical and the film) have been ritually assembled.  A soundscape, textile sculptures and paintings.
Showing 19 – 21 November.